Madam was actually born out of my own insecurity. I often didn't like my breasts when I wore a bra. I could never find the right bra, no matter how many times I had my breasts measured. Then I found breast tape. It gave my breasts the lift I wanted them to have, only it still didn't make me feel glamorous and beautiful. Often, people would say "huh, that's a weird thing" when a piece of boob tape emerged. Then I thought, can't I give the current breast tape an upgrade. I wanted to make a product that made me feel confident when people see the tape or not. 


MADAM's breast tape was designed to be seen and not seen. The tape gives the breasts a lift and becomes part of your outfit. It makes you feel and look glamorous, which makes you feel extra confident.  


I believe self-confidence can make people's lives more beautiful. We often feel more powerful when we dress glamourously. This glamour is already in the small products like breast tape. It makes us feel strong and confident. 


My goal is to make women feel strong and beautiful. 


We are strong! We are MADAMs!